Ever since the team got together at EMRAYS we’ve been united by one purpose, to reinforce positive behaviour in the world. Our business idea is to help companies, institutions and governments to put people’s emotions at the heart of business.

To help to reinforce positive behavior in the world, we first need to understand the world. We’ve already analyzed over 2 billion emotional reactions to find the patterns that influence our lives. At EMRAYS we call this Calculating Emotions.

We come out of academia and business. Our founders bring global experience in their respective fields.

We are headquartered in the Netherlands and have an office in London and New York.

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Amsterdam – London – New York

Ilia Zaitsev

Ilia Zaitsev

CEO & Chief Science Officer

Ilia is a computational linguist who earned his PhD degree in 2008 and since that time have been privileged to be involved in many AI-related projects working with incredible people across the globe.

Paul Tero

Paul Tero

CTO & Chief Data Officer

Paul studied computer science at UC Berkeley and Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems at the University of Sussex. He is a web developer turned data scientist, who understands the maths behind the models.

Cliff Crosbie

Cliff Crosbie

Chief Experience Officer

Cliff Crosbie is a retail and marketing professional who has worked with some of the best brands in the world over the last 30 years. In Apple the focus was on delivering an exceptional experience for customers in over 90 countries. Previously Cliff worked in senior roles for IKEA, Nokia and Nike. He was also the first GM of Niketown London.

Michiel Maandag

Michiel Maandag

Chief Marketing Officer

Michiel Maandag is a global brand and marketing professional. He started his global brand and marketing career at Nokia in Finland and New York. He ran his own brand advisory and worked with category leading brands around the world. 

Richard Waldron

Richard Waldron

VP Business Development

Richard Waldron is a retail professional with 25 years experience in various sales, operational and marketing roles. He feels proud and is privileged to have had the opportunity of working for a number of global leading brands including Vodafone, Nokia, Nike, IKEA and Samsung.

Sangeeta Singh

Sangeeta Singh

VP Business Development Americas

Sangeeta started her career in India when organized retail was only 3% of the market. From there she moved on to become Sales Manager of an IKEA store in Japan and from there shifted gears to Enterprise sales of technology platforms. She holds an MBA in Marketing from the Institute of Management, one of India’s top business schools.

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