Data Statement

AdMotix is a Predictive Qualitative Research Agency. To that end, AdMotix’ deep artificial neural network analyses publically available data such as text or images to discover (learn) generalisable collective patterns of emotional reactions. We do not track, collect or store any personal data – we work only with collective patterns of emotional reactions.

For this reason, the AdMotix solution is not a social listening or data processing solution, so it does not fall under the EU laws and regulations around personal data protection and privacy. But since data from social platforms is involved, AdMotix understands and respects the importance of data privacy and provides the following information as to how our technology is specifically designed to not create any issues around privacy.

From the company’s inception, AdMotix designed its solution with privacy protection as a foundational feature of the overall technology. We deliver that in the following way:

1. AdMotix does not analyse or store any personal data. The only data that our deep artificial neural network gets as its input is aggregated and fully anonymised collective emotional reactions to different pieces of publically available content. None of the individual reactions, or any data related to individual reactions, reaches any of AdMotix servers.

2. The output of the network is privacy protected in that no identifiable information exists in it. The solution is configured to work only with collective patterns of emotional reactions, resulting in aggregated data models of activity.

3. Considering the above, AdMotix is not involved in any way with “privacy data” as defined by most country regulations. No identifiable data is input or output (and therefore stored) and nothing can be reconstructed or mapped to create identifiable data.

4. That is to say, AdMotix enables no monitoring or surveillance of people in any way.

Again, AdMotix appreciates the regulations that are in place in EU and elsewhere in the world, and has designed a solution that reliably gives our customers the answers and actionable insights they need without the risk of compromising any information about private individuals.